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Our areas of expertise.
Fire Detection Systems
The primary function of a fire alarm is to alert the occupants of a building to the presence of a fire. It may also perform other functions. For instance, the system can be designed to simultaneously alert the fire department by means of a signal where a rapid response by the fire department is necessary.
Gas Suppression Systems
Gaseous fire suppression describes the use of inert gases and chemical agents to extinguish a fire. These systems are usually used to protect areas containing critical equipment such as data processing rooms, telecommunication switches and process control rooms due to the fact that they are a clean, dry method of extinguishing fires.
Voice Evacuation Systems
Voice Evacuation Systems are electronic amplification systems that consist of loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixers and the amplification of the relevant sound source, e.g. microphones, CD players, automated voice modules, etc. The aim of these systems is to provide amplification of audio signals into a building to allow all the necessary people to hear what is being announced.
Access Control
Access Control systems allow entrance and exit to a facility or area based on pre-approved credentials. This is done through system controllers, electronic locks, and a credential such as biometrics, access card or PIN.
CCTV Systems
CCTV is the use of cameras to transmit video signals to a receiving system. This can be done through many modern CCTV methods; however the principle of transmitting a signal from a camera to a display remains constant. Modern CCTV systems can consist of new technologies such as IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras, Wireless Cameras, CAT5 cable and NVR's (Network Video Recorders).
Aspirating Systems
Early warning aspirating smoke detection solutions provide the earliest possible warning of an impending fire hazard. These systems work by continuously drawing air into a distributed pipe network via a high-efficiency aspirator and then actively and continuously sample this air for smoke particles.
Nurse Call Systems
Nurse call systems are used to alert nurses in a medical facility. This can be done through a variety of push buttons and pull stations installed in different areas of a ward. The patient will manually activate the nurse call system which will provide a visible and audible indication for the nurse on where the call originated from.
Systems Integration
Building Management Systems integrate a building's separate electronic security systems into a central controlling system. The central system can also read and write information to and from a central database that will allow querying of the combined information and presentation of clear and concise reporting.
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