Maybe you’ve been wondering, “What is a Fire Detection System?”. To start with, besides being a requirement for health and safety in the workplace, a fire detection system seems to be quite self-explanatory. Fire detection systems detect fires, but then what? Technology has come too far for that to be it. Your fire detection system could have features that don’t just detect fire, but also pinpoints its exact location, switches off electrical machines, opens doors, alerts all occupants with voice evacuation, and more. The most important advantage of a fire detection system is speedy response time.

When a fire begins, it needs an ignition source which feeds off fuel to set alight. Simply put, when something hot enough touches something that can burn, a fire is started but it takes time to become serious. Initially, an accidental fire will go through an ‘inception’ period where it is smouldering with smoke and small flames, slowly building in heat until it can burst forth with deadly ferocity. How long it takes before the fire becomes uncontrollable depends on the type of fuel.

The best fire detection systems use smoke detectors to sense fire in its inception period, giving the best chance to stop the fire before too much damage can occur. The best way to avoid these causes of fire in your workplace is to ensure you have a good fire detection system which you and your staff understand.

It’s More Than a Sprinkle of Water

Most people may think that a sprinkler system will help them avoid a fire. Lined up like little stars over rows of office cubicles, sprinklers shoot to life in seconds to thwart the threat of fire. Unfortunately, a fire of sufficient heat and flames would have to reach the height of the sprinkler head to activate the system, by which time you have a raging inferno on your hands.

Sprinklers can always be one component in your building’s protection systems, however some disadvantages can be that the systems are extremely expensive and will often leave an area damaged further due to the amount of water used to extinguish a fire.

Its Detectors are Placed with a Purpose

If you’re looking for the safest solution and are looking to avoid the problems that can come with sprinkler systems, your wisest choice would be to have a Fire Detection System utilising appropriate detectors installed. On their own, fire detectors come in three types: smoke detectors, heat detectors or flame detectors. Each type is used in specific environments to allow the best chance to detect fire on time. Make sure that your workplace is equipped with the right fire detectors in the right areas. Then, activating the building’s alarm and voice activation, an automated system or trained personnel using your fire detection system will help you manage any fire emergency.

Smoke detectors are the most ideal for clean indoor areas with low roofs and lots of dry wood and paper. Offices benefit much from smoke detects which focus on detecting the first smouldering stage of fire.

Heat detectors are designed to be placed in areas like kitchens, furnace rooms, or garages. By monitoring sudden rises in temperature, heat detectors are able to sense the start of fires caused by flammable gasses or liquids.

Protecting big warehouse areas and auditoriums, flame detectors are perfect where smoke and heat detectors can’t be placed. In these places, rapid fires may occur in which flames will become visible very quickly from fuel storages or solvent areas.

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