The need for security in homes and businesses has never been more prominent than today. Security not only means the safety of your possessions but also the security of your person, your employees and your family.

But security presents a challenge that can be daunting when considering the intelligence of the organised thief or how technology has evolved to allow the potential for hackers. The search for solutions to these security challenges has lead to the development of new features and benefits in modern security systems.

A qualified security company, such as Minerva Technologies, can provide you with security solutions through designing, installing and servicing your security systems the way you need to let you feel safe. Two of the technologies that can be your security solution are CCTV cameras and Access Control Systems.

A CCTV intercom lens

CCTV Solutions

CCTV stands for Closed-circuit Television. For cameras set around your home or business, the closed-circuit system means that the footage is transmitted to a limited amount of screens, either through wires or wirelessly. This allows for a personal monitoring of your property and the ability to manage your systems the way you want.

In addition to deterring crime, boosting confidence in safety and helping law enforcement solve crime, CCTV cameras may also be augmented with new features that further increase their value.

One of the biggest security challenges is the complexity of the system’s management. A solution for this is the Internet Protocol (IP) feature. This allows for the access of your system through the internet using your own mobile device. Secure mobility is perfect for home security. Wherever you are in the world, you will always be able to check up on home and family to make sure all is well, with a mind free from fear of hackers.

Access Control Solutions

Another challenge of security is identifying who may be allowed or denied access into a property or into different areas of a property. This is most prevalent to businesses, however some home businesses will benefit from a division between the accessible area of work and the private home section.

Technicians, at Minerva Technologies, are able to fully install and service your Access Control Systems. Readers and personnel credentials come in many varieties. Access cards or biometrics will ensure your control over who is permitted where, in your company or home.

Access Control Systems are also able to be enhanced. One way of enhancing your system is to install an anti-passback system in place. In this system, a reader is placed on both sides of the door, requiring employees to provide their credentials when entering and leaving the premises. Copied cards, stolen pass codes or cards being passed through an open door will become impossible through the use of the anti-passback system.

New enhancements in Security Technology are always being invented. Future-oriented companies like Minerva Technologies are dedicated to ensuring their technicians are trained in all the latest security technologies and enhancements. If you are looking for more solutions to your security challenges, contact Minerva Technologies at for more information.