It’ll be a hard trick to find any building without wires curling in its corners. Technology has contributed to our security and safety for decades. New and incredible advances are invented every year. Servicing of fire detection systems is now specifically required by law, but servicing of other systems is always recommended. But what is involved in servicing all the various systems in your company, and why is it necessary?

Access Control System Maintenance

Every building has some form of access control. From a simple lock and key to biometric scanners, access control systems exist to allow only certain people into a building or inside specific areas. These managed systems have proven far safer and more reliable than the traditional lock and key. Access control systems are code-based, proximity-activated, or biometric. Read more about Access Control Systems and how your system might change during Covid-19 here

Access control systems are a large component of many business premises. Therefore, ensuring the system’s maintenance is completed regularly directly safeguards against break-ins. Minor problems and malfunctions can be easily picked up and repaired during periodic maintenance. This process also greatly extends the life of your system, saving you expenses in the long run.

Typical servicing of an access control system includes:

  • Visual inspection
  • System performance analysis
  • Replacing the battery and testing the power supply
  • Cleaning control components
  • Testing all system components (keypads, readers, doors, locks, etc)
  • Fixing network connection between door controllers
  • Bringing attention to any damaged or failing components
  • Logging and reporting on test results

At Minerva Technologies, our technicians are experienced and proficient at these services and are available whenever there might be a problem with your access control system. We recommend businesses undertake e annual system maintenance on their access control systems to ensure smooth-running systems and peace of mind that your facility remains secure.

Nurse Call System Servicing

South African regulations require healthcare facilities and hospitals to install a nurse call system by law. The importance of a patient’s ability to call a nurse for help cannot be overstated as these systems have evolved into an essential life-saving technology integrated throughout healthcare facilities. Multitudes of notification signals converge at the nurse’s station to alert them to patients’ calls, movements, and vital emergencies.

A malfunction in a nurse call system or even a system left in a state of disrepair can result in lives lost, especially within Intensive Care Units where every moment counts. That is why it is a legal requirement in South Africa to maintain your nurse call system. At Minerva Technologies, we offer on-call technicians ready to assist with any system problems. We also suggest that you schedule periodic system maintenance, at least once but preferably twice a year.

Servicing of a nurse call system will include:

  • Testing of all system components
  • Maintenance of any faulty hardware
  • Programmed servicing to reduce running costs
  • Latest software updates
  • Installing replacement components if necessary

CCTV System Maintenance

Often when we think of security, we think of CCTV cameras. The CCTV system is a tried and true security solution for almost every business, but if left without regular maintenance, your CCTV system can be rendered useless. If the system fails during a break-in, it will present a danger for everyone inside and could hinder your insurance claims for any stolen items.

Either weekly or monthly, simple check-ups for your CCTV system will ensure your cameras are in working order, will increase your system’s life expectancy, and will catch any more serious technical issues for professional technicians to handle.

During these quick check-ups, we recommend special attention is paid to:

  •  The camera lenses
    • Are the camera lenses in focus, clear of obstruction, and capturing a full view of your property perimeter?
    • Are all the cameras’ functions (zoom, pan, motion detection, etc) working properly?
    • Are all cameras securely attached to the wall and all foliage nearby trimmed back?
  • The wiring
    • Are any wires loose, showing wear and tear, or exposed?
    • Is there a clear transmission of sound and pictures with no distortions?
  • Recording and monitor equipment
    • Is the correct time and date stamp set?
    • Are the monitors and equipment clean of dust or grime?
    • Is the monitor showing a clear picture and individual camera views properly?

While these check-ups go a long way to ensuring your CCTV system remains in top condition, an annual service by professional technicians is still recommended. Minerva Technologies are able to pick up any concerns you may have and provide new CCTV system recommendations.

Servicing Gas Suppression Systems

Gas suppression systems work with pressure valves that discharge in the presence of fire or manually using a lever. Extremely effective against fire breakouts, gas suppression systems are found at key points inside commercial buildings, factories, printing presses, chemical stores, and laboratories.

These systems are included in South African fire detection regulations which require fire detection systems to be serviced every six months. Not doing so can have devastating results. 

Gas suppression is an extremely reliable way to protect machinery and laboratories due to the rapid detection and release of extinguishing gas however false activations due to the system not being serviced can be an expensive lesson. A system failure owing to poor maintenance thus endangers lives brings losses to the business, and increases insurance costs. Most gas suppression systems have limited lifetimes and the gas component may need to be replaced periodically. We recommend you have a qualified company check for faulty components at least twice a year. Our technicians keep track of your gas suppression devices within a logbook each time we come for your six-month servicing.

Be sure to contact us at Minerva Technologies for these and any other servicing needs.